Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Great Nintendo Horror Games: "The Return of the Living Dead: Partytime"

If you haven't read the article that preceded this one, it's here. Now onward.

I now, it's been a while since we talked about GNHG (THAEBWOBA) but since it is October and this is apparently an annual tradition for me I thought it would be prudent to bring it back.

Re-visit our last review: "Monster Squad: The Game". 
The Monster Squad Game

Before we get into the review there's a little bit of history we need to get into. The history of the arcade light gun shooter.
"You mean you have to use your hands?"

Prepare, 30 Days of Ghostbusters is...Extended!

And now, a brief message from 
Culturally Significant! 
head contributor M.E. Strange-

I think I might of bitten off more than I could chew with the 30 Days of Ghostbusters.
...and that's a lot to chew, even with hot coco.
When I first conceived of posting an article related to 'Ghostbusters' for almost every single day in October I failed to factor in my work schedule, my personal relationships, enjoying Halloween activities, and general burnout. I planned out the articles and what they would cover but didn't prep the articles in advance. I usually write in the now and most of my features I write from the hip (as you can tell from my grammar and syntax). This proves problematic, especially in this instance, but I feel gives the pieces more energy and life. Why am I disclosing all this? If you'v been following the 30 Days closely, or just popping-in now and then, you may have noticed that I have begun to fall behind. Features have not been posted on their scheduled times and because of this there are holes starting to appear.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Free The Real Ghostbusters Friday: Episode 73 "Egon's Ghost"

This week I decided to go for what I feel is one of the darker RGB episodes "Egon's Ghost".  

This episode begins with the belief that Egon has been destabilized completely, but in truth what it feels like is that Egon has died. Let me just repeat that, this episode flirts with the notion of Egon's death.  
  Yeah, children of the world I'm sure had a similar experience. Throw in demons and the Netherworld and what settles is a rather grim episode. Will Egon return?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Countdown to Halloween: Strange Kids Club HALLOWEEN TREE and MAD MONSTERS Prints

With the recent collab between CultSig! and SKC we thought it be cool to point out the awesome Halloween prints they have made available.

Glen Brogan, "HALLOWEEN TREE". 18 x 24.
Zach Bellissimo, "MAD MONSTERS'. 24 x 18.

Why Ghostbusters? featuring Rondal Scott of Strange Kids Club

Okay, we are late into the 30 days and this is the first guest spot. In fact, the 30 overall days has had a couple of hiccups with some missing holes. Have no fear, some of our featured articles have no been able to go up on schedule but they will. Take my word, when it comes to the end there will be 30 posts of Ghostbusters related goodness.

With "Why Ghostbusters?" I wanted a place for guest contributors to come and explore their love of the Ghostbusters franchise. Of all the people I wanted to get for these pieces, Mr. Rondal Scott of Strange Kids Club was high on the list.

Strange Kid and his creator, Rondal Scott III (Image by Strange Kids Club)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ghostbusters Trailer Tuesday: 'Ghostbusters II" (1989)

So, with this week's Ghostbusters Trailer Tuesday we will step in it, sequel territory that it. This is 'Ghostbusters II' (1989).

Friday, October 17, 2014

Free The Real Ghostbusters Friday: Episode 90 "The Grundel"

For this Friday we look at the scary side of The Real Ghostbusters with episode 90 "The Grundel".

The Real Ghostbusters was always spooky show but it was a fun kind of spooky, like school haunted house. But on a handful of occasions the show became outright frightening and this episode was perhaps the most troubling. This episode, and its antagonist, actually scared me when I was younger. The idea of a monster that would knock on your window and attempt to draw you out had too much of a child abductor vibe to it for me to sleep soundly. Still to this day, when I hear a creak in my house, I wonder if the Grundel is near.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Art Deco, Very Nice: Chogrin Presents No-Ghost Logos

 We're back for some more fan-driven Ghostbusters art. Tumblr in recent years has become a spawning ground for not only Sherlock fan fiction but also highlighting great upcoming artist. One of these artists is Joseph Game aka Chogrin. 


Monday, October 13, 2014

Ghostbusters Trailer Tuesday: The Summer of 'Ghostbusters' (1984) and After.

Last week we watched the trailer for 'Ghostbusters' (1984) in all it's glory, but what about after the film came out. 'Ghostbusters' (1984) was a monster success and it's influence was felt long after the summer of '84. This GTT we wanted to look at the TV spots and other associated trailers released in the wake of the 'Ghostbusters' effect.

Art Deco, Very Nice: Gallery 1988 Ghostbusters 30th Show (Part 3: The Final Chapter)

(Part 3)

(Part 4)
We finish our exploration of Gallery 1988's 'Ghostbusters' 30th show with one final collection.

Matthew Skiff, "Are You A God?". 18 x 24.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Free The Real ghostbusters Friday: Episode 66 "Rollerghoster"

We're back with another episode from The Real Ghostbusters. Let's get straight into it, episode 66 "Rollerghoster".

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ghostbuster Trailer Tuesday: 'Ghostbusters' (1984)

Teaser trailer Tuesday has been given a break for 30 Days of Ghostbusters. In its place we will be looking at trailer associated with...can you guess?

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Art Deco, Very Nice: Gallery 1988 Ghostbusters 30th Show (Part 1)

In the world of pop culture 'Ghostbusters' holds a special place for fans, this is no different with artist. Many have expressed their love of the boys in gray (even if they wear tan) with stylistic interpretations and re-visions. Here we post some more extraordinary work by some of the leading graphic designers today who have a fondness for those Ghostbusters.

Gallery 1988 is a pop-art gallery in California that has risen quick due to the amount of artist they get to collaborate and their genre themed exhibits. Well known for their "Crazy4Cult" show, they have steady been proving to as influential as other such gallerias like Austin's Mondo or Brooklyn's Bottleneck. Starting May 17th the unveiled a traveling Ghostbusters exhibit honoring the 30th anniversary that hit various cities and cons, featuring the work of dozens of graphic artist and designers.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Free The Real Ghostbusters Friday: Episode 11 "Citizen Ghost'

Free The Real Ghostbusters Friday is where we showcase episodes from The Real Ghostbusters, the animated 'Ghostbusters' series that ran for six season. For many born after 1984 this may very well have been the first exposure to Ghostbusters. The show proved successful and lead the way for a marketing machine that held youth domain over the show's run. You couldn't turn around without seeing toys to toothpaste with the RGB insignia. We will choose episodes that help reflect the best of the series and explain how it affected us. Today's curator is M.E. Strange for Episode 11 from season one titled "Citizen Ghost":

I choose "Citizen Ghost" for the first "FRGBF" because I feel it best encapsulates 
the series, or at least season one. Unlike the first episode, "Ghosts R Us", this episode 
picks up straight from the first Ghostbusters film and ties the entire series together. It feels 
like this was planned to be the pilot for the series but wasn't aired for some reason. 
This episode was written by J. Michael Straczynski, famed Sci-Fi TV writer who worked not only as a writer for the first season of RGB but also as the head story editor. This is one of J. Michael's better scripts for the show before leaving due to all the changes consultants wanted after the success of season one.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

“Look at all the Junkfood”: Krispy Kreme Ghostbuster's Doughnuts.

There have been a lot of food related items created to go along with the 'Ghostbusters'. From 'Real Ghostbusters' fruit snacks to Ecto-Cooler, we gourged ourselves on the sweetened contents of many a tie-in. This isn't counting the amount of Hardees we forced to down to get the associated kid's meal accessory when 'Ghostbusters II' was attached. We bought into it like crazy. As the years have gone by the food related Ghostbuster items have slowly disapperaed (we all knew that Shoutin' Orange Tangergreen was re-packaged Ecto-Cooler with X-Entertainment proving it) but the 30th anniversity was ripe for at least one new product. Many believed that perhaps, feeding off the nostalgia of monster cereals coming back in full, that Hi-C could very well use the anniversary as vehicle to introduce Ecto-Cooler back into the aisles. Ultimately are savor came in the form of a fired dough ring.