Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The State of Significant!

If you've been checking in now and again since Christmas you may have noticed it went dark on the blog. This is not an issue of running out of things to say but more an issue of holiday burnout. 

Happens to all of us. 

But from this break we hope to begin 2015 with a bang. Keep your eyes open for, hopefully, our most exciting year yet. 

Till then I leave you with this glimpse of future...thingies.

Yes, the official Culturally Significant T-shirt.  Whether in detention or fighting the forces of Dracula, be the coolest kid in the school with this not at all trademark protected obscure reference. 

Also show your love for the best band that never was with a "Misprints" shirt.  Help revive the forgotten punk pioneers that were undone by drugs, alcohol, and a copyright lawsuit (and getting the snot beat out of them by Glen Danzig). 

All this and more from Culturally Significant!...hopefully.